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The Arranger's Market is family owned and operated in Richmond, Virginia, USA.  A mother and daughter, both avid arrangers,  have come together to bring you the best equipment and vases for those who want to create beautiful arrangements but don't want to spend hours doing it and don't want to use environmentally unfriendly materials (like floral foam).  They specialize in easy-to-use but hard to find containers that are smart (in that they hold flowers without additional elaborate mechanics), simple, and sophisticated.  Because they believe the purpose of flower arranging is to celebrate nature, they also like containers that keep the focus on the plant material, not on the vessel holding it. Any equipment they offer (vase brushes, clippers, etc.) is something they know works better than anything else on the market.
Kate Hugo Vernon
Nancy Ross Hugo
Nancy is an avid gardener and flower arranger. She has been teaching floral design and writing about gardening for over 30 years. Her fifth book, Windowsill Art: Create One-of-a-Kind Natural Arrangements to Celebrate the Seasons, was published in 2014.  Trust me… the arranging tools she uses are the ones you want! To see some of her arrangements, visit To learn more about Nancy, visit

Kate graduated from college with a degree in 3-D art.  With a unending passion for "creating," not to mention a surprising horticultural knowledge base (admittedly - all absorbed through osmosis), an interest in floral design was inevitable.  In 2015 Kate tested the levels of her knowledge and became a Henrico County Master Gardener.  Her focuses on gardening, arranging, and the business side of The Arranger's Market are all welcome diversions from raising five children.