The Arranger's Market

Slimmer Trimmer
How many clippers can do that?
Large Black Pin Cup
Glass Pyramid Vase
Products in Action
The Arranger's Market specializes in easy-to-use but hard to find containers that are smart, simple, and sophisticated.  Peruse our gallery of images and see how we put some of our products to use.  
Yes - that's just a 3" pin cup down there
These vases look wonderful in repetition
Ribbon Spool 
​~and sometimes, you don't need a vase at all for an arrangement!
Delicate Bud Vases 

Test Tube Vase
​3 different sizes working together to create the perfect artistic composition
We have a similar Test Tube Vase available in our store.  Check it out!
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Chicken Wire with Bottles 

Test Tube Vase 

Blue Bottles 

We have a similar Chicken Wire Basket  available in our store.  Check it out!
There is an infinite number of ways to position these versatile test tube vases.
These blue bottles add zing to a white and green arrangement.  
Middle Kingdom Vase Size Comparison Chart

Fuchsia Wood Strips
Not sure who likes them more, the kitten or the designer.